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For the past few months my team have been developing and designing a brand new streaming service across browser, tvOS, iOS and Android. It has been a fun project in which we have achieved a lot. A big part of that was making everyone part of the design process. Here is how we did it…

UX & them

UX just stands for 'user experience'. Still confused? To put it simply, UX designers are web designers, but we just wanted a new flashy name for what we do, because in the tech industry we like buzzwords and feeling important. Being a good UX designer means not focusing too much on branding, colours, pretty flourishes and content, but instead listening to users needs, and finding the easiest and most enjoyable way for them to fulfill them. But how do you even begin with a UX project?

Nice to meet you

Hello and welcome to my blog and very first blog post! My name is Sally Renshaw and I am a young(ish) British woman who lives in Oslo, Norway, with my boyfriend and three cats. I've had a funny old life, and when I started to open up about it recently, the people around me started telling me about their lives too. I realised how important it was to talk about our personal experiences, reaching out for help when times are hard, and sharing wisdom on how you can go from coping to thriving. I used to be scared of being honest and vulnerable but I'm not anymore.