All in Life is Cool

Dear baby...

In March 2019 I will be able to hold you in my arms for the very first time. Your dad and I are so looking forward to meeting you, we are so curious about what you will be like, and have so many hopes for your future. We haven’t even met you yet, but we talk about you all the time.


Since I moved to Oslo I have lived in 9 different places, taken care of 5 cats, had one operation, been to 3 funerals, 3 weddings, and fallen deeply in love. There are so many special places here, that I have come back to over and over again. Places that might not make it onto a usual tourist blog, but personally make me feel so much love for this city.

Nice to meet you

Hello and welcome to my blog and very first blog post! My name is Sally Renshaw and I am a young(ish) British woman who lives in Oslo, Norway, with my boyfriend and three cats. I've had a funny old life, and when I started to open up about it recently, the people around me started telling me about their lives too. I realised how important it was to talk about our personal experiences, reaching out for help when times are hard, and sharing wisdom on how you can go from coping to thriving. I used to be scared of being honest and vulnerable but I'm not anymore.