I have recently gone back to my roots and started to incorporate more traditional media into my digital work for editorial pieces. I am really enjoying this shift in my style and hope to continue to develop this technique.

Illustrated Recipes

Food is a massive passion of mine. Since going vegan a whole world of new foody possibilities opened up to me and I really got into cooking and sharing my recipes with my friends. Naturally I also took this into my design work and one of my favourite hobbies is to make illustrated recipes. I spend a lot of time talking about food over at Vegan Norway too. Vegan Norway is my cruelty free restaurant and shopping guide for Norway and I share a lot of my recipes there, check it out!

Pop Culture Postcards

I am constantly making puns. Being punny is not skill you can acquire. Some people are just naturally punny and some are not. In my case, the sillier and weirder it is, the more it makes me laugh. These illustrations are puns on various well known figures or celebrities.

More posters

Here are a couple of designs thatI sell at design events as prints.

Corridor 8 Magazine peice on psychogeography

'A manchester bus, single-decker, for the climb towards Oldham's ridge; wipers going like a north sea trawler. Cranes loom over unfinished, and probably abandoned, concrete skeletons. Chinese distribution centres, converted methodist chapels. Our craft heaves and pitches: junk yards, botched scams, a town with which I am very comfortable.' - Iain Sinclair
I made several illustrations to accompany Iain Sinclairs piece in Corridor 8 magazine. Iain is a psychogeographer and in his writing he describes a journey through manchester beautifully and poetically.  I decided to draw several of Manchesters most famous buildings as ships moving through a choppy sea. My designs were incorporated into a map which was given out at Urbis gallery in Manchester to anyone wishing to explore the city the way that Iain did.