Typography & Lettering

Hand lettering

I love to draw inspiration from signage, and typography in real life and combine that with my illustrations. Here are two poster designs based on a neon sign and some scrabble letters which I think are really cute.

Rude Greeting Cards

I created these fun greeting card designs and sold them at a couple of design events and online too. I was sick of not finding any greeting cards that expressed exactly what I wanted to say so I decided to make my own.

Decorative Calligraphy design

I like to collect images of old ornate signs that I find in pubs, libraries and old fancy hotels. I was commissioned to make a design for a video games website and instead of doing something obvious I thought I would use my interest fancy lettering to make something else for them. I spent a day drawing out a basic idea, and used curves and a grid to make sure that each of the elements and line thicknesses were properly spaced out and evenly distributed. When I was happy with my sketch, I scanned it and began to create it with vectors.

I did some more decorative lettering for a tattoo studio in Oslo called Memento Tattoo. Check it out if you like dot work tattoos.

More fun with type

I also created this poster of the norwegian alphabet and a fun pillowcase design based around some raunchy Lil Kim lyrics for an interiors boutique.