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Hello and welcome to my blog and very first blog post! My name is Sally Renshaw and I am a young(ish) British woman who lives in Oslo, Norway, with my boyfriend and three cats. I've had a funny old life, and when I started to open up about it recently, the people around me started telling me about their lives too. I realised how important it was to talk about our personal experiences, reaching out for help when times are hard, and sharing wisdom on how you can go from coping to thriving. I used to be scared of being honest and vulnerable but I'm not anymore. That's the main reason I started this blog, and also because it's kind of fun to have a place for all your stuff. 

As well as mental health, I might talk about cool stuff too: music, books, movies, food, basically all that classic blogger stuff. It will mostly be about mental health though. Here is a little overview of some of the topics I plan to explore, if it sounds like stuff you are interested in, pop your email address into the subscribe form and you will get my updates sent to your inbox once a week in a lovely email.

My creative work

My background and education is in fine art. I started my career working as an illustrator but now I work as an app designer. In the last few years I have worked on many exciting projects for both big corporations and small independent businesses. My fave projects has been designing my own app, Vegan Norway, and the work I have been doing for the past year at RiksTV, designing their tvOS app. Though that's my bread and butter these days, I still try to get away from apps sometimes, and get back to my roots in fine art and illustration. I love to talk about designing for a good user experience and the creative process behind my design work.

Sometimes life is hard

I have had a colourful life filled with ups and downs. I have managed to get through a bunch of scary and difficult situations, which unfortunately affected me deeply in complicated ways. I struggled with my mental health alone for many years because I was ashamed of myself. I'm not ashamed anymore, and I hope that by talking about my own experience I can help others who have also been through similar things.

Self care

Many people think that self care means treating yourself to indulgent things when you are having a bad day. Whilst that sounds nice (and really tempting) if you are treating yourself all the time to keep rubbish feelings at bay, your self care sounds like more of coping strategy than truly caring for your needs. The key to creating good self care habits is in understanding what your needs actually are. I used to have a lot of bad coping strategies, but now I prioritise self care above everything else in my life.

Helping Others

The better I care of myself, the better I can take care of everyone else! I'm really inspired by individuals and organisations which are making the world a better and fairer place and I want to talk about and get involved with their projects!

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Thanks for reading my blog! 

Four to the floor

Four to the floor